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Perspectives Development Team Project Direction
     Maureen Costello 

Curriculum Design & Development
     Emily Chiariello

Curriculum Development
     Sara Wicht

Content Production
     Adrienne van der Valk, Margaret Sasser

Content Manager
     Margaret Sasser, Annah Lauren Kelley

     Adrienne van der Valk, Alice Pettway, Maureen Costello

User Experience Design
     Michelle Leland

User Experience
     Margaret Sasser, Joanna Williams

Research and Evaluation
     Kate Shuster, Ph.D.

     Michele Lee, Cecile Jones, Steffany Moyer

Anthology Management
     Steffany Moyer, Margaret Sasser

     Russell Estes, Valerie Downes, Michelle Leland, Scott Phillips, Sunny Paulk, Shannon Anderson

Text Researchers
     Brittany Austin, Joel Blecha, Alexander Parks, Amy Scharf, Clio Stearns, Tina Van Erp, Amy Vatne Bintliff, Ph.D., Julie Weiss, 
June Cara Christian, Sara Wicht, Emily Chiariello, Jarah Botello, Margaret Sasser

     Amy Vatne Bintliff, Gloria Boutte, Ph.D., Tamera Bryant, Emily Chiariello, Linda Crawford, Vanessa D’Egidio, Sandra Figueroa, Julia Lopez-Robertson, Ph.D., Sean McCullum, Julio Olsen Edwards, Amy Scharf, Ph.D., Clio Stearns

     Raquel Aparicio, James Gulliver Hancock, Susan Estelle Kwas, Jesse Lefkowitz, Jon Reinfurt, Kim Rosen, Ellen Weinstein

     Ashley Davis, ELA, Megan Fuciarelli, ELL, Farren Liben, CCSS, Jennifer Trujillo, ELL, Christina Vanzandt, ELA

Copy Editors
     Jody Johnstone, Jacqueline Logue, Ray Minor, Diana Rhudick, Judith Riotto

     Louise Derman-Sparks, Ph.D., Susan Neuman, Ph.D., Alfred W. Tatum, Ph.D.

     NBC Learn, New York Times Upfront, Origins, StoryCorps, Teaching Tolerance Advisory Board, Welcoming Schools - a Project of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Website, Technical Lead
     D. Scott McDaniel