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Perspectives is a literacy-based anti-bias curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Literacy standards—and to the Teaching Tolerance Anti-bias Framework (ABF), a groundbreaking set of anti-bias standards. Its Web-based modular design allows for maximum flexibility, customization and differentiation. Educators can use it to plan one lesson or integrate it throughout their scope and sequence. 



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What Our Users are Saying

Perspectives for a Diverse America provides the most powerful collection of any curriculum, I have seen on issues of tolerance, bias reduction, bullying prevention, and diversity all in one place.  And it is presented in a teacher-friendly way that allows customization and the capacity to specifically target the needs of any classroom. And it’s FREE!”

Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas, director of Not In Our School and co-author of Identity Safe Classrooms: Places to Belong and Learn


“[My students are] asking more meaningful questions. They're pinpointing specific concepts and ideas. Their level of interest has increased, and their writing has improved. It's a cross-curricular win.”

Kylie Christiansen, pilot teacher and AP history teacher at Borah High School in Boise, Idaho


"The greatest contribution of Perspectives for a Diverse Americaand there are manyis the range of available resources. Teaching Tolerance and its partners have ensured a wide variety of entry points for every grade level, every subject area, every level of equity and social justice sophistication. If you haven't visited in a while, consider this your cue to reconnect. If you've never visited, perhaps dismissing the 'tolerance' framework, I am sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. Perspectives for a Diverse America is serious and engaging equity curricula, well vetted and masterfully organized. This is not your parents' Teaching Tolerance."

Paul C. Gorski, EdChange founder and associate professor at George Mason University


"The Perspectives for a Diverse America curriculum is a wonderful resource for teachers looking for complex, diverse and engaging texts to use with their students. The texts, coupled with the anti-bias standards and literacy strategies, offer helpful opportunities for teachers looking to implement the Common Core Standards and involve their students in discussions around social justice, equity and diversity. I am thrilled to have this resource to share with teachers in our network!"

 Marc Skvirsky, Facing History and Ourselves Chief Program Officer


"Alongside academic success, schools need to create opportunities for students to foster empathy, dispel stereotypes, and see the diversity of their world. Teaching Tolerance’s Perspectives for a Diverse America curriculum succeeds in bridging the diversity of today’s classrooms and America’s history with the ambitions of the Common Core standards. The Perspectives anthology answers educators’ call for rigorous, engaging works that celebrate and reflect social justice themes and students’ identities. Teaching Tolerance’s commitment to anti-bias and tolerance ensures the widest representation presented in classrooms. "

 Craig Low, President, LEE & LOW BOOKS

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